An outstanding all-in-one amplifier

DAC with Headphone Amplifier


It requires electronic circuit design skills, sound quality control and long-term tuning to balance the performance of a headphone amplifier, a DAC and a Pre-amp in one box without any compromise, which is not easy to do. While CMA800i achieves that and perfectly fulfills these three requirements.

An Excellent Headphone AMP Section

The Questyle Audio CMA800i headphone amplifier follows Questyle’s patented "Current Mode Amplification" design used in their flagship headphone amplifier, and is easy to drive High/Low impedance Headphones. The ultra low distortion level at 0.00028%, ultra wide bandwidth up to 850kHz (+0, -3dB), and pure Class A working state, plus clean and strong power supply, enable the CMA800i’s amplification to be unparalleled among all-in-one DAC/amplifier models.


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A World Class DAC Section

With True DSD technology, CMA800i accepts and processes the DSD bit-stream directly, and supports 192kHz/24bit PCM input.



Hi-End Components Throughout


Sophisticated Processing Technique

CMA800i’s chassis is made of aviation aluminum and its cover is only 10mm in thickness. The  specially tooled “mutual-bit” structure makes the chassis strong and stable. Each side of CMA800i has balanced weight since its internal weight is evenly planned. CMA800i’s feet are made of pure aluminum, helping to avoid resonance. Even every screw is precisely CNC-tooled into “CD texture”, giving CMA800i another unique feature.

Match with Sennheiser HD800

“I continued with the HD800 which had paired so well with Questyle’s dedicated headphone amps. Sure enough, I got very impressive results straight from CMA800i. This was an extremely transparent, clean, fast combination that did a bang up job with quality material, and really showed how poorly done many newer recordings are. ”

John Grandberg

Quality Control

Each product is invested 72 hours burning-in before shipping and has its own serial number and test report filled. Engineers prepare two copies of the test report, one is put in the box for customer and another is kept in a safety deposit box at Questyle. Whenever there is any question about any product, Questyle is able to find the report of that unit to aid in solving any issue. For distributors, Questyle can provide professional tech support.




Finish:Space Grey
Material:CNC aluminum
Dimension:12.99” (330mm)[W]×11.81” (300mm)[D]×1.38” (55mm)[H]
Weight:116oz (3.3kg)

Headphone Amplification section

Headphone Amplification section
Gain:  11.8dB (3.9times)
Max Output Power(Po):180mW(7.5Vrms)@300Ω;1W@32Ω

SNR:  118 dB,
Frequency:  DC-200kHz(+0,-0.5 dB);DC-850kHz(+0,-3 dB)
Sensitivity:  2.2Vrms
Input:  internal DAC output, or external RCA input,switchable
Output:  dual 6.35mm standard jacks

Working State:Pure class A  

Voltage:100-120V or 220-230V switchable

Power Consuming:13W

DAC and Pre-amp section

DAC chip: WM8741
Input:SPDIF input and output, USB Type B input
SPDIF input and output, standard PCM 44.1-192k/16-24bit
USB:PCM 44.1-192k/16-24bit and DSD native (standard SACD format, DSD64)
PC OS to Match USB Input:Win XP,Vista,Win7,Win8 and MAC OS

Digital Filter:
PCM Mode:switchable IIR(MP) and FIR (LP)
True DSD Mode: no filter
Core Audio Stream Supported by USB:WASAPI,ASIO,KS
Analog Output:balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA)

Max Output Amplitude:
THD+N:< 0.005% for both XLR and RCA
SNR:>107dB for both XLR and RCA