Questyle Golden

Reference System 

[ CMA800P · CAS192D · 2*CMA800R ]

Lay aside your concept of the traditional headphone

system.  The Questyle Golden Reference System will 

become a benchmark for Hi-end Personal Audio, 

completely redefining what it means to be a flagship

headphone system. 

What’s more, it will be legend setting and guide

future headphone system design,

forever changing the face of Personal Audio.  

Questyle Golden Reference System highlights complete separation of audio source, control,  left and right channel amplification, even  power supply, and each section has pushed the limits of their capabilities, which  ensures enough details, dynamic range, clarity and power in any circumstance. The beautiful music and the dark background are so captivating that once you try it, you will not want to stop! The exciting feeling is beyond words. 


Questyle Audio 

Won HiFi+ “Best of the Year 2016” Award

Questyle Audio insists a mission of “ Best sound, most outstanding design, highest taste”, to provide users most valuable audio gears and service. Thus Questyle Audio products have been always highly awarded from users and press, lots of worldwide level awards received, includes the HiFi Plus “Best of the Year 2016” award.  

It's like your headphones stopped driving on public roads and were given a racetrack to show what they can really do.

when you compare the gold standard with the regular versions, you’ll probably go for gold at each step along the way. Every way you slice this up, all roads lead to a couple of gold Questyle boxes or more.  I’m not saying this is all you ever need in headphone replay because I like to keep in employment and there’s always the option for the next thing to sound even better, but if those Editor powers wore off tomorrow and I wanted the best in headphone replay, I’d have a little pile of gold bricks next to my computer...

— Alan Sircom

 HiFi  Plus 






Questyle Golden Reference System adopts selected aircraft aluminum imported from US,  the upper and the bottom panels are 5 series aluminum,  while  the front and the rear panels are 6 series. Each panel passed fine machining by CNC device, tolerence under ±0.02mm , volume knob tolerence under ±0.005mm, processed with top level CNC standard. Coat painting materials are imported from Japan. 


Hi-End Components 

Carefully selected components make the Questyle Golden Reference System reveal a feeling of luxury and graceful both inner and outer.




Rogers Ceramic PCB

Besides the strict procedure in manufacturing, Questyle Audio Golden Reference System's one more unique point is it’s the world's first audio device to use Rogers Ceramic PCBs. Rogers ceramic PCBs, a top level PCB mainly applied in military applications, allow the system to achieve an even more outstanding sound performance and specifications, some of the advantage are:

— Ultra-low distortion: 0.00022% (20Hz-20kHz) 

— Dielectric constant and dielectric loss are both the lowest available in audio devices 

— Ultra stable dielectric constant in ultra wide frequency (up to 10GHz) ensures ultra-low loss and stable signal transmission 

— Ultra-low thermal expansion, ensures stable operation up to 280 ° C temperature 

Selected components, ceramic packages, provide superior performance in terms of system sound quality and technical specifications

未标题-6.png  Standard Version PCB

What is Current Mode Amplification ? 


Current Mode Amplification  is a state-of-the-art technology  based on Current Mode. Current Mode Audio Amplifiers use transistors to amplify in fully discrete architectures, with a disaggregate structure designed in, to wit: voltage mode input and output, while the core amplification takes place in the current domain operating in a pure class A state. It is completely different from the traditional voltage mode amplifier, in the structure of the amplification circuit. Capacitance between the transistors, which affect the speed and bandwidth, operate at a very low impedance. It not only eliminates the TIMD, but also easily achieves amplification with a ultra-wide bandwidth (full-power bandwidth of 500kHz ), and ultra-low distortion (0.0002% , challenging the physical limit of audio testing). The Current Mode Amplification technology can be used for amplifiers of any power level (10mW-2000W) and of any size (thousands of square centimeters for some professorial amplifiers).


Quality Control

Each piece of Questyle equipment, before being shipped out, is continuously burned for over 72 hours in high temperature and high voltage and then measured by an Audio Precision AP2722 device, twice, to prepare a test report. Every report is unique. Each report has two copies, one is kept at Questyle for reference, while the other goes to user with the product. Questyle uses the test report to track the product and provide service. 

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