Munich Hi-end Show Questyle Audio QP1R Portable Player Official Launch in Europe

May 21st 2015, Questyle Audio’s first official launch of the QP1R/QP1 Hi-res Portable Player takes place at the Munich Hi-end Show, Germany. 



In coming days, the QP1R/QP1 will embrace its worldwide launch in the Germany, Japan, US and China markets. Since their appearance at CES 2015 as non-operational mock ups, the QP1R/QP1 DAPs have been highly anticipated by audiophiles and reviewers alike, and they have not been disappointed. A continuous stream of consumers, dealers, distributors and reviewers queued up competing for a chance to listen, all marveling at how musical the combination of Questyle Audio’s patented Current Mode Amplification and True DSD Digital to Analog Conversion can be, especially in the confines of such a small device, many balking at the fact that they had to, at some point, give up the player to another listener.


Questyle demonstrated many other exciting new products including the CMA800R Gold and the CMA800P.