HIFI Plus: CANJAM SOCAL 2015-Show Report: Questyle Audio

Some of the most diverse and varied product offerings at CanJam came from the Chinese firm Questyle Audio Engineering. On display was the firm’s CAS192D high-res, Wolfson-powered 24/192 PCM and DSD64 DAC ($2,000), which fed signals to a pair of the firm’s distinctive CMA 800R wide-bandwidth, balanced headphone amplifiers ($2,000/each). The CMA 800R's use the firm’s patented Current Mode Amplification circuit technology.


In a separate display, the firm also showed its CMA800i desktop headphone amp/DAC ($2,500), which leverages design elements of both the CAS192D and the CMA 800R, but in a more compact, all-in-one format. Also shown was the smaller and less expensive Q192 compact (but not portable) PCM-only headphone amp/DAC ($800).


Then, Questyle gave CanJam attendees a preview of prototype versions of its very cool QP1 portable high-res digital music player ($600) and the upscale QP1R, which offers more on-board memory and even higher quality parts ($900). Both models feature Questyle’s signature Current Mode Amplification, provide both high-res PCM and DSD 64/128 decoding, and include card slots allowing use of up to 128GB Micro SD cards. Questyle asked us not to photograph the units with their graphical user interfaces powered up, but suffice it to say Questyle is doing some interesting work in that area.

Finally, in a separate, speaker-orientated display area at the show, Questyle demonstrated its 5G wireless amplification system, which used the firm’s T2 transmitter unit to communicate with Questyle's R200 wireless-enabled class D monoblock amplifiers. The Questyle electronics were used to power a set of ENIGMAcoustics Mythology M1 monitors and they sound quite good (more like a wired system than a wireless one).

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