Questyle 2nd generation DAP will show in Munich 2017

Questyle 2nd generation DAP will show in Munich 2017


Guess the device with mask


Questyle will launch the second generation DAP on May 18, 2017. Well, what is the difference between the 2nd and the 1st?


Please see below:


Sorry, we can’t show the photo before launch. Please just wait for anther 5 days. Just 5 days, then you will see the real one!


Besides the 2nd generation DAP, Questyle will officially launch CMA400i DAC with headphone AMP at the same time! CMA400i only showed just as model in 2016 Guangzhou HiFi Headphone & Digital Audio Expo. Now it is ready to say “hi” to the world! Are you ready? Please see below:


The sandblasted surface treatment with the color of pure black, manufactured by Foxconn, textured and technology.

Cameo Appearance

A few days ago, I've just received a photo in WeChat Group. I am quite sure that you have already seen it. What is it? A ticket of Munich Hi-End 2017!


It is said that he is just for listening Questyle new product!


Let’s talk about Germany and Munich.

First, let’s talk about Germany.

Germany, as “Europe's economic locomotive”, the country that world top end car brands born, Porsche, BMW, Benzs,Audi...


Munich, the biggest city of Southern Germany, just behind Berlin and Hamburg, is the city where the European’s biggest Hi-End show is.


Munich Hi-End is the biggest audio show in Europe. As the biggest and the most authoritative show in Europe, the world audio manufacturer will launch their new products in the show.


Yes, just here, Questyle 2nd generation DAP and the first black DAC with headphone AMP-CMA400i will see the world.


Back to past events



In May, 2014, Questyle attended Munich Hi-End the first time...



In May, 2015, the 2nd time to attend the show, Questyle launched the first generation DAP-QP1R...




Munich Hi-End 2016, Germany, the audiophile only loves Questyle Reference System, not willing to leave...


Globle Launch

May 18, Munich Hi-End 2017, Questyle will initially launch the 2nd generation DAP.

Launch in the following main countries: