HiFi Choice (UK): Review on QP1R--Group Test Winner

HiFi Choice give their Verdict on QuestyleAudio QP1R Portable DAP

QP1R win HIFI Choice GroupTest Winner Award

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Sound quality

Listening to the Questyle, it's hard not to feel a bit sorry for the other DAPs in the group-even the superbly transparent and musical AK300. The QP1R is simply in a different league. 


The player is capable of exposing nuances of technique and the recording acoustic unheard on most models here. The astonishing transparency and talent for capturing subtle ambient cures comes into its own with densely produced material such as Stuart McCallum's Vital Space, a languid meander through a cinematic, multi-sampled, ambient soundscape that's opened up with little effort and strikingly unforced perspectives. You don't have to listen hard to hear what's going on. Simpler tunes are handled just as sympathetically, Barb Jungr's velvety vocal on Long Road Home being portrayed with just the right degree of fragility and warmth. While the QP1R is sensationally resolute, it doesn't put the freeze on music's emotional heart.  


Like: Top-notch sound with all file formats ease of use

Dislike: Track info can clash with album artwork

The best-sounding Hi-RES audio player we've heard at the price. 

(Brand/Model included: A&K AK300, Audio-Opus Opus1, Fiio X7, Pioneer XDP-100R, Questyle QP1R, Sony NW-ZX100HN)


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