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Reviewer:Dawid Grzyb (Poland)

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Pros: Excellent sound quality, excellent value, very good build quality.I didn't think that Senns HD 800 can sound so good when connected to 

device that cost less than 700$ . Now I have to be just here, Q192 is in that group as well. 


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American famous HI-FI website

Reviewer: John Grandberg(USA)



I could tell you how the DAC portion alone isn't too far off from the Resonessence Labs Concero, a dedicated DAC which is my favorite in this price range. I could wax further about how excellent of a pairing the amp portion makes with the Sennheiser HD800, as well as all the IEMs I tried. I could talk about the USB to SPDIF conversion being roughly on the level of a Stello U3, which is very high praise indeed for a "bonus feature". Overall the Q192 is a very strong performer and easy to recommend.


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Italian famous HI-FI website

Reviewer:Matteo Turotti(Italian)

Score:8.5 of 10



The Q192 is a very good all in one with the right headphones,it sound very good with high impedance headphone (especially HD800) and also with low impedance headphones.The USB input it's excellent and also the DAC section it's really good.The look it's sober and the construction very good and we like the choose of the feet.