Audio Test (Germany) Review on Questyle Reference System (Gold Edition)

Questyle Audio Reference System Reviewed by Germany media Audio Test, Scored 95%. 

The Device Include:

DAC: Questyle CAS192D 

Pre-amp: Questyle CMA800P

Amplifier: Questyle CMA800R*2

Headphone: HIFIMAN HE1000

Score: 95%


Front page: Golden Tower – “Real size depends on sound”; “…the golden components are the Crème de la Crème of its genre”


All golden units are now the – leader of the reference classes for each product category.

Questyle shows sound and technically wise what is possible.

Nothing comparable is to find at the product lines from competitors.

(Review translation offered by Germany Distributor, Thanks a lot)

Questyle Tower - HE1000 Test - Audio Test - 05.2016.pdf

audio text.jpg01.jpg